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Peace & Love


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3rd August, 2018 at 03/08/2018 14:18:24 -

Do someone here got the same feelings and fears I face when too many people around you start to thrive and succeed? Like it's the FBI that is after you doing you all that? A feeling of an overcoming shadow government? I feel it.

I had it strong when I was a child, like it is the hand of God covering on anything.I so wanted to ruin it for people when I was a child but wasn't strong enough to cause any harm or damage, always had to cover up my feelings and hide my intentions to sabotage it for all.

The fetishes I had as a teenager is the results of such experience...

Really, man, It does feel un-natural when too many people succeed and prosper around you. If it is not God, it must be a government conspiracy or something.

There are so many click games that went mainstream like The Escapists and Five Nights, Aggelos, Concrete Jungle, Nuitu Love... How does these people always got to advance over me for so many times? What I am able to create now is barely what all these artist were able to do when I just started clicking... I doubt that in ten years from now I will be able to make something that will be worthy, I am no greater than the bottom edge of the late 80's famicom games by standards in current time... Compare Front-Line for the Nintendo Famicom to Dragon Byte... For sure I see that my game is way better than front-line, but compare many of these click games I have mentioned and their success to Snes and Playstation titles... Freedom Planet is something at the level of Rayman and Lomax that were games on the playstation. How come?! It feels I am overwhelmed... Like who are hiring government agents to empower such people to become one man or small team wonders? Why wasn't I never able to make something even decent compared to? I fear the shadows of technology. Really... All my attempts to decay my competitors, never had a chance to embrace over them, they trampled me instead... I am disgraced, If only I could avenge such titans... I do not want god's salvation to consume me... I came as a complete idiot in my continuous war against everyone involved.... A total disgrace against something I at the end cannot even explain...

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  14/05/2018 12:31:36
3rd August, 2018 at 03/08/2018 15:01:18 -



Indigo Steel Shield


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5th August, 2018 at 05/08/2018 14:20:51 -

I hope what I put here will help. When it comes to making games, your games do not have to be the best in the world. I know that my games are not the greatest! "Freedom Planet" is one of those rare games that does VERY well. If you want to make money with creating games, try You can now sell your games on that site. If you put a game on that site, announce it here. Another site is Now on both of these site, many of the games are quite awesome. But, just as many are just O.K., or even poor. So, just do your best and put your best foot forward!

Do think of the fact that you can create music, that talent counts for a lot.

I also want to tell you that you are NOT the only one who has been in that deep, dark hope of despair and anxiety. I think everyone has been there at one time or another. So, you are in very good company. My only suggestion is to think of what you do have, and what you can do. I have found out that when I started eating a better diet, stayed away from caffeine, and reduced my sugar intake, I felt a lot better. This may apply to you, as well. I hope you can get a trusted person to talk about what is going on with you. They might be able to help. Yet, keep in mind that we all have our bad days, and our dark days.

Lastly, I do hope you will give the good Lord a chance. He has gotten me through many a dark days. I hope this help.

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