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28th November, 2019 at 28/11/2019 07:44:42 -

To these who say, failure, is the best success. Trip this! You louts!

This is when Sonic had to get the funding for his activist publicity but couldn't get donations pulled in, as you see. Activists must be reliable with the public, you cannot just beg for money! You gotta hurry up and do some work, so you fill in some funding to your project... Let's say... You want others to show more love, or get more catfood to feed the local neighborhood stray kitties. Vegan catfood.

Let's say I want to build a vegan cat food factory because I care for cats and I love mice and birds and everything, and you are afraid that my ideas will waste the money you give on to me for charity on cocaine or prostitutes while you ask, where all the money I have raised has been gone? Why giving to another E-Beggar?

Well! My solution is, get to work! Find a local business and support it at a high discount!
He pays less, and you run faster... If the pizza doesn't get to the costumers door in less than 30 minutes the joke in on me! However, the one who put the change in the activist, now a delivery guy in his hand. He ask him politely to keep the change to himself. Why? Because he is now a working class and he is too poor to fund a project that seems to expensive... Giving the money to a hobo would not be a solution, mister worker because you need the money for your own security now when you make so little so giving 10% of the income to someone who cannot even afford a cheeseburger would not be an idea the one giving you said tip would be pleased with, so he make sure it will cut the support next time you bring him the order as he is displeased that you were so irresponsible to keep the change to your self... However, My boss has 4 restaurant up to now and he is still displeased... He found out that the people who buy the pizzas are still idiots...

Well mister, You got 4 restaurants, that is a D! THAT WAS AWFUL!
Next time, think of the starving millions instead of how to make millions off my back!!!

The joke is on me! Got it? Got it!


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