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14th February, 2020 at 14/02/2020 08:55:53 -

I know it would seem like a cynical use of my artwork but I wish I could donate my profit to people on the Philippines and such other areas in poverty, so this time, if you do not plan to directly give the host of this channel a donation to help those who are much less privileged than us, at least, buy my music at Bandcamp: so I myself will pass it up to aid these people

The Campaign page to raise fundings by Mark De La Cruz:

See the poverty in these two videos up above, this is little as harsh as it can get. Mark, the owner of said channel exposes its viewers into much worse cases such as these with amputated legs or those who have no roof under their head.

It is good if you donate directly to mark's go fund me page:
But since this is an evil manipulation by me to get exposure to my music, I promise this time to give all profit from my music and not only 20% of the profit to the victims of the wars I cause as mentioned on my chiptune albums. - This way, you also get music and I will make sure to give the donations to any case shown in this channel. It will also aid me to get promotions in Bandcamp, but if you do care for being straight and justified, please go to mark's campaign and donate directly without getting any of my lousy videogame chiptunes!

As I am the creator of Bubble Girl, I often want to be like her and give and aid others, You see. I cannot be a treasure hunter as her, but I can do a small business with you or you at least, be referred to the said charity program page without co-relation to my work as what is most important is to aid these poor people, and the channel owner, Mark is a very reliable person. His dream is to become a socialist-activist

So you decide if it is one of my schemes or an opportunity to aid others goes and help these people and fulfill Mark's desire to aid others as well as my desire to do a sudden heroine act as well as promote my music which also makes me a hero, an art hero!

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