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  06/11/2017 15:06:39
24th April, 2020 at 24/04/2020 15:56:28 -

I haven't released a game in almost 2 years. I really want to finish something again but I can't think of anything. Does anybody have any ideas, preferably small? Thanks in advance.

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  26/08/2017 19:47:58
24th April, 2020 at 24/04/2020 16:34:17 -

Here's an idea; you can try making a side-scroller game but every time you encounter an enemy nearby, you enter a turn based RPG battle with music constantly changing after 15 seconds

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  27/01/2018 23:48:54

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24th April, 2020 at 24/04/2020 22:20:04 -

Hey, try making a sequel to THE WAR!



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24th April, 2020 at 24/04/2020 22:53:26 -

I've been having similar thoughts about just wanting to make something really quick and simple (maybe even within 24 or 48hrs), just to finish something. I was thinking about the games I'd like to make, and then because they're all far too complicated and need either a second human player or a decent AI opponent, I then tried to simplify as much as possible.

Anyway, my idea...

First of all, the closest thing to this already in existence is probably Armor Alley ( ) or Glory Days ( ), but again, those are more complicated.

The idea is that it's an old skool side-scrolling shoot 'em up, like Gradius or R-Type or whatever.
The player has a base at one end of a very long map, and the computer has a base at the opposite end.
In between are various installations, which can be captured by either player's ground units - including factories that periodically spawn waves of air and ground units, static turrets which shoot at enemy units, etc (nb. This is not an RTS - units don't have AI; they just follow simple, predictable movement patterns).
To win, the player must escort ground units all the way across the map, to the enemy base.

I know it still sounds quite complicated, but I think it could actually be simpler than a normal shoot 'em up. Instead of having to choreograph wave after wave of enemies, they'd all be generated automatically - and I think you could get away with having far fewer types of enemy as well.
In terms of presentation, I was thinking very retro - CGA graphics (cyan for player-owned units and installations, pink for the computer-controlled ones, and just a white outline for the terrain), with a futuristic setting (there would probably be units on both the ground and ceiling)

The background for this idea, is that ever since I played Sopwith ( ) over twenty years ago, I've wanted to create an exact clone of of it, but with one key difference - I wanted the targets to actually DO something! I wanted the tanks to move, and to shoot each other, and I wanted the buildings to build tanks, or at least provide the resources to build tanks. I just wanted the environment to feel more dynamic. And then I came across Armor Alley, which is not far off that...


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