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  06/11/2017 15:06:39
25th April, 2020 at 25/04/2020 13:47:32 -

A lot of criticism around my games are that they're not original enough. And.. yeah. That't definitely true. But recently I started thinking; How much does it really matter? If I were selling my games and releasing them on major platforms I can definitely see the issue but I'm just releasing them for free on here. And yeah sure I guess it would be smart to be more original if I was planning on a career in game making but that's not what I want to do (I want to become a character animator). This whole originality problem is one of the main things that keeps me from releasing any more games (ideas is another one but I guess that one is also related to this one).
So here's my question to you, dear people of TDC, does originality matter to you in this case?

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25th April, 2020 at 25/04/2020 15:20:23 -

It's pretty straightforward for me.

Whatever you make, it has to be better than all (or at least most of) the existing games of the same type.
If you make something unoriginal, that's already been done a thousand times before, then to stand a chance of competing, it needs to have the best graphics, the best music, the best level design, and so on...
Even if you're not competing against the big studios, there are a lot of very good free and cheap games out there (not to mention abandonware) and people only have a limited amount of time to spend playing games - take a look on to see who your real "competitors" are.

On the other hand, if you make something totally original, provided it's actually still fun to play, the bar is set a lot lower when it comes to all those other things.

For example, the last game I played was this:
It's a very, very simple game (it's a game jam entry, so won't have taken long to make), and while the presentation is nice enough, it's nothing special. On the other hand, it's an original and fun concept, and I could see it doing very well as a mobile game.



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  27/01/2018 23:48:54

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25th April, 2020 at 25/04/2020 16:02:49 -

No, you should just do what you want man!



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25th April, 2020 at 25/04/2020 17:30:03 -

There are a number of things which can make a game fun to play including humour, storyline, pacing, atmosphere, reward mechanisms, satisfying puzzles and interesting mechanics. I do not need every game to be completely original, and I'd like to remind everyone that tropes are often just tools which work well enough that people have noticed them.

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25th April, 2020 at 25/04/2020 18:13:37 -

I agree with MonadoBoy64, especially when this is a hobby and not your job. It is hard enough to get projects done. Most of the games I played that were more or less original relied heavily on a gimmick. I look at it like Country or blues music, it is all the same thing but can still be fun. When I think about what kind of game I want to play, it usually boils down to "something like Mario World".

On the other hand I do care about originality when it comes to characters, graphics and music. I avoid fangames and parody games for that reason.

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