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  23/05/2024 13:48:19
22nd June, 2024 at 22/06/2024 16:46:08 -

Hi, long time lurker and Klik & Play fan since the mid-nineties when the KNP CD was bundled with the first PC our family bought.

After a long time, I was able to find the original Europress release of Klik & Create. Grail item for me, and maybe for many on the site here too.


I don't think the final release box has ever seen the light of day online, especially after @joshtek for his excellent article last year could only feature magazine cuttings with draft imagery, so I'm really pleased to share this family photo with everyone.

Hope you guys enjoy seeing this, I'll be scanning and uploading the box, booklets, disc image etc to when time permits.


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Long time Klik & Play lover since the mid-nineties.




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25th June, 2024 at 25/06/2024 09:26:44 -

Wow cool! nice collection!



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25th June, 2024 at 25/06/2024 20:11:36 -

Hey, that's so cool. Definitely a holy grail in my book!

I've seen a number of variations of the Klil & Create box - most of which I included in - but never the final version. I'd love to see more photos of it (the back, the instructions, etc) and screenshots of the software, examples, etc. I'd also appreciate a blank standalone game made in K&C to ensure it is caught by my Kliktopia uploader.

It's amazing how similar the final design is to to the Klik & Play box. I think in all the other versions it was "Klik & Create" on one line, not replicating the two lines with the & on the right of K&P. However, the two-line version of the K&C logo was included in the graphic from CD-ROM Today Issue #17 (September 1995):


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