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24th August, 2003 at 19:49:14 -

Hi, right now I'm not visitting the forums much since a lightning storm blew out my ADSL modem, and because of all the fires in BC, Telus is just scrambling to keep the lines up, and doesn't have time to help anyone figure out why their modems are fried. I'll start reading posts again when I have a new modem.

The RPG is coming along good, but I had to get rid of the 1000 GBV/GBS objects and just load everything by'll probably cause problems by allowing people to edit their saved games.

-Inventory coded
-Selectable Stat system with traits coded
--Strength(Raises Damage....(Strength/10)*wep damage = Damage delt)
--Vitality(Raises Health....(Level*Vitality)= Health)+15
--Agility(Raises Defense....Damage-Defense to a minimum of your level/2)
--Energy(Raises Mana....(Level*Energy)= Mana)+15
---Weapon Mastery
---Behemoth Strength
---Stone Skin
---Quick Reflexes
---Shield Mastery
---Phychic Powers
---Energy Control
---Incredibly Lucky
---Natural Resistance
---Clench of Death
---Adrenaline Surge
---Gifted Intellect
*Some may me changed*

-First town almost complete
-Waiting for monster graphics fishhead...
Quests: 1%
People: 1%
Maps: 1%
Character Coding: 40%

I reposted this because the last post's name sucked.

New Screenshots at:

Oh, and I will be re-drawing the "Create Character" button later.

Any new comments on the game?

I still need someone to make adventure/town/combat music if anyone is interested.

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Stone Goose


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25th August, 2003 at 05:50:00 -

yo I am back, so I can work on the gfx again, the only problem is that I begin teaching again today, so I wont have much time


25th August, 2003 at 11:43:09 -

A while ago I posted a topic saying I needed graphics artists for graphics for an RPG. Fishhead applied, and is making high-quality monster graphics.

Hey Fishhead, if you haven't drawn any top-down monsters, the game could be more Final Fantasy and Pokemon style(you don't see monsters running around to catch you). Boss monsters would still need a top-down animation, but only one direction I think.

The world is going to have lots of different terrain. I'm currently editting the tilesets in psp to create snow, swamp, etc.

I'm also re-working the inventory/talking systems so that it'll be easier to code.(essential if this game has hundreds of people)

It's kinda funny.....since the 1000GBV/1000GBS objects aren't working, I'm forced to use lists to hold loads of values. They are saved to an ini though...


Shme (Stupid Liar)

Too late to fornicate

25th August, 2003 at 13:44:34 -

why doesn't 10K GV work? it always worked for me. Except for that little problem when u recall a value in another function, but u can go around that ...khm manually.

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Shme (Stupid Liar)

Too late to fornicate

25th August, 2003 at 13:44:41 -

why doesn't 10K GV work? it always worked for me. Except for that little problem when u recall a value in another function, but u can go around that ...khm manually.

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Possibly Insane

25th August, 2003 at 13:50:27 -

haha cool, my 5 megabit ADSL got struck by lightning the other day too. While I was offline i started an RPG also.

Inventory, equipment, main game, battle engine and conversation scripting is all complete.

- Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Luck, Charisma and Dexterity
- 54 Traits
- 236 different items (172 different weapons)

- awesome graphics
- awesome music
- awesome sound effects
- It's better than yours


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25th August, 2003 at 13:57:10 -

"<h4x0rT> j00r g4m3 15 n00b15h!!111 1 p17y j00 f00!!111111"

Um, seriously?



26th August, 2003 at 15:22:42 -

Shme: The 1000 GBV and 1000 GBS objects for some reason are not acting as "global" objects. The values are there in one level, but all 0 or "" in the next.
The 1000 GBS object also crashes the game whenever I try to load a string to a text(string) object.

Kris: Give us some screenshots then...unless you're joking.

I'm just making this RPG for fun.....and to prove I can make an RPG. I'm going to concentrate more on replayability, and expansive maps.
You can also do what suits your personality. Here is a currently non-existant example...

There is a fire, it burns down your farm. What do you do?

Hero: Put the fire out, saving all your neighbours' farms.
Villain: Help the fire spread, lighting your neighbours' farms on fire. Meanwhile, you jam their doors, killing them, and then take all their possesions.
Wanderer: Head off into the woods. Everything is gone, you might as well leave.
Civilian: Gather all your neighbours to help fend off the blaze.

There is a group of (minotaurs, etc.) heading towards the castle. What do you do?

Hero: Help man the gates - spear those evil beasts!
Villain: Kill the guards holding the gates shut, then give the minotaurs better weapons. OR Kill the guards, then kill the minotaurs, then the townspeople when they leave the castle.
Wanderer: Attempt to take on the minotaurs alone. OR It's none of your leave.
Civilian: Hide inside the gates, and make money off of people's fear.

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