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2nd April, 2004 at 06:08:21 - game germs.

First thanks to everyone who downloaded it and give me some feedback.

So now its time to work on the second build of this game and I need your help!

First of all the points that where made on forum, the main two were:-

Lack of sound.
The fact I made each level on different frames.

lets take the second point first, could anyone walk me through how to make a muti-level game on one frame?
Please remember I am a complete newbie and this is the first thing i have ever made.

Then theres sound, i have no idea what sounds files are best for what, so if someone could give me a 5 min walk through on what i need to know to add sounds to my game that would be very helpful. < i dont know what the difference is between wav, midi , mp3s etc >

Then theres the game its self, what needs to chance, what as players do you like to see in that kind of game, < please download and check it out, called germs >

lastly, i really dont want to upload the game again until its a finished game with bugs, playablitly improved, sounds added, more levels etc.

So i could really use a group of playtesters who would be honest about the game, but also beable to give me comments that I could work with.
If your idea of a comment is "this game sucks", with no reason to back it up please dont apply.
All the playtesters and people who help me sort my problems out will get a mention in the credits


Be gentle I am a complete newbie!


Possibly Insane

2nd April, 2004 at 06:56:20 -

First question first, it's easier

.wav files are sounds, like 'ding' or 'crash' or whatever. Sound effects, basically.
.midi files are musics. Basically, songs. Use these for background music.
.mp3 files are also sounds, but I wouldn't recommend using these.

There are a few free .wav file sites on the Internet, such as . I can send you a few if you need any. Midis should also be easy to find.
Quick tutorial on adding sounds: Use the Sound object, second from the left in the Event Editor. For example: Bullet collides with enemy: Play sound "blarrgh". It's not difficult.

Now second question. In your events for each level, the events are (almost) the same, except for the condition checking if the Antis collected is equal to 10, 12, 14, 18 etc - it goes up by 2 each level.

Go to Application properties > Global values. Change A to LevelNumber and give it a value of 1.

Now, go to the first level. On the condition 'Antis Collected' = 10, add 1 to the global value LevelNumber - under Special object (the computers). Also, change the Jump to Next Frame action to Jump to Previous Frame, as we are going back to the intro screen thing for the same level, not a different one.

Finally, we want the number of Antis needed to change for each level, depending on the LevelNumber. Instead of 'Antis Needed' = 10 for a condition, change it to 'Antis Needed' = 8 + 2 * LevelNumber . This formula ends the level when 10 are shot down in the first level, 12 in the second level, and so on. Theoretically, on level 100, you would need to shoot down 208 Antis

Sorry it's more of a process than an explanation of how to do it Reply if needed, k thx.

gone fishin'


2nd April, 2004 at 17:19:36 -

Thanks very helpful, busy checking for sound effects now

I most be honest looking at the second point, ouch my head hurts

Will give it a go once i get some sleep, maybe i am finding it hard to understand as am very tired.

thanks again for you help, hopefully will have at least the sounds working tomorrow

Be gentle I am a complete newbie!

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