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Tina Petersen

28th May, 2004 at 07:29:02 -

it doesnt seem like i can use the Pathfinder Object Without isometric object. Why
with an isogrid my code works fine
but as soon i just use normal x,y cordinates. The pathfinder just return 0,0 for the steps

Anyone got some insight on this!

Heres a link to the cca (1.5)

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28th May, 2004 at 07:46:07 -

I haven't the time to test this, but looks like your mouse coordinates stuff is screwed up. Note: MMF's default mouse detection thing DOES NOT WORK. In other words, don't use XMouse, YMouse. Get some active object with mouse movement and use it's X and Y values instead.

Or you can get one of those mouse controlling extensions. Hope I didn't make things worse .

EDIT: No, wait, the problem's with the pathfinder object. Strange, it seems like it's been... disabled. Doesn't work at all. You sure that you're not supposed to turn on the extension or something first?

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28th May, 2004 at 12:20:22 -

The Pathfinding object doesn't work on x,y coordinates, it's grid positions. If your grid isn't 640x480, you can't use mouse positions...

If you're working with a topdown grid, divide the X/Y coordinates by the cell width/height. It should work then.


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