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Knudde (Shab)



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13th June, 2004 at 15:56:53 -

I'm in the planning stages of a game I'm calling "Gunplay Anime". The basics go like this. It's planned to be a Lan/Online multiplayer deathmatch. Sidescrolling platforming w/mouse aiming. Yes just like the Noir game I am in the process of making, actually a version of the engine used for this game will be the future engine for Noir. However, I'm just looking for character ideas here, I need gunslingers from anime with links to pictures if you have them; that way I can start making some sprites and test the movement/build the multiplayer engine.
Already In:
Spike - Cowboy Bebop
Faye - Cowboy Bebop
Eyebrows Guy (Can't remember his name right now) - Furi Kuri (Fooly Cooly)
Vash - Trigun
Wolfwood - Trigun
Mikiura - Mezzo Forte/Mezzo DSA
Mirielle Bouquet- Noir

Also if anyone has any articles/links on how to build a game lobby system with the Moo products (2 and up) please post them here.

Craps, I'm an old man!

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