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5th August, 2004 at 20:17:52 -

I'm trying to set up a system that will let players create accounts and log in with them, so they could track their game stats, etc.

Well, here's my problem: When a player tries to create an account, I want to have the server check the array to see if that account already exists (to block duplicate names). I've never done anything like this, I'd be grateful if someone could explain how this can be accomplished.

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chris rage

11th September, 2004 at 01:13:58 -

Create a 2 Ini objects(serverside) One should be set to Register.ini the other to login.ini. When the player attepts to register he will first send a his password on whatever sub channel. The server will test to see if the value in register.ini in the group of the players name is 1, if the value is not 1, the server sets the password in login.ini in the group of the players name. If the value is 1, the server sends a rejection message and disconnects the client. I prefer using groups instead of groups+items because it simplifies the process and is far less buggy using tgf's INI+ and MOO together. Any questions email I will email you an example.


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11th September, 2004 at 06:35:00 -

Chris' technique works, but it would be wiser to have each account in a seperate ini instead of seperate group. This is because an ini can only be a certain file size, so if your game actually gets popular then you may run into strife.

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