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12th September, 2004 at 18:38:04 -

K, I've got a shooter going with lots of boombs and bams etc. In the middle of all this, I need to have someone talking - reporting that a team mate has died or a hostage has been rescued etc.
The problem is, the sfx for the talking is not loud enough compared to the explosions and stuff.
So now I have two options, only one of which, i know how to do.

1. First I could increase the volume of the speech files dramatically, and decrease the volume of the booms and bams files. This is the one I know how to do.

2. In the game, I lower the volume of the gunshots and play the speech, like they do in some commercial games.

I would LIKE to do the 2nd option but don't know how. I haven;t seen this in any click games either. Can it be done? Any thoughts or tips?


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