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KlikCast - Episode #18


Welcome to a brand new Season of the klikcast! We got a huge episode for you today including:

A great interview with Gungirl 2 creator Paul and Josh who did the music, 3 brand new trailers including: Splotches by OMC, Hasslevania by Del Duio, The wayBack by MeadowHare and FableQuest by Strife!, Matthew Wiese made a great walktrough commentary of the Arvoesine demo in his great own style. And VS Mode. A new segment were 2 people from the community battle it out for the highest score within 2 min. In this Episode Rikus goes head to head with CYS. Who will win in a match of Spaze Invaderz by Techvision?.

Also featuring a great new song by Daniel Wiessner called: 2-player co-op and a great new intro made by OMC. If you wish you can now also watch the entire episode on youtube on the link below!!

If you have watched the show, feel free to leave your comments below!

Comments and suggestions are more then welcome. If you have some news about your latest project and you want me to give you a call, just send me a dc-mail and we will set it up.

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Posted by OMC 31st July, 2010

Best part? Emoticondor.

A bit long, but still awesome. The other trailers made Splotches look pathetic.
Posted by W3R3W00F 31st July, 2010
Rated :

^Trailer Blasphemy

All trailers were great, as well as the whole thing. I thought the interview was a great section.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 31st July, 2010

Good show! I liked the interview. Haha, CYS eh? More like C.Y.S. I used to call him CYS too, which I think sounds better anyways, cool, man. Thumbs up.
Posted by MeadowHare 31st July, 2010
Rated :

OldManClayton, you can't be serious. I thought your trailer was the best!

I also really enjoyed that interview about gun girl. Although the game itself looks way too gory for my tastes...

Either way, a really good starter for the season!
Posted by Jon C-B 31st July, 2010

That was a really good episode! I wish there was some reviews though.
Posted by HorrendousGames 1st August, 2010
Rated :


Lots of good stuff going on.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 1st August, 2010
Rated :

Fun to watch as always!
Posted by HitmanN 1st August, 2010

Good stuff. :3
Posted by Xhunterko 1st August, 2010
Rated :

Five stars. Is good enough.
Posted by CYS 1st August, 2010
Rated :

Haha the versus mode is more exciting than i thought it would! And yeh... its more like C-Y-S, but nah its not important . Hasslevania trailer could use a better video recorder though. Kinda destroyed it.
Posted by MBK 1st August, 2010
Rated :

OMC, the only thing that makes your game look bad is the fact that it's a puzzle genre game.
But other than that, it was the best trailer on there.

I really want to play that game with Inuyasha's gay brother in it though (the one they didn't mention in the anime series) (it's a joke, laugh).
Seriously though ...
... That game looks wicked awesome!
It reminds me of Legend of Zelda but with a bit of beat'em'up style thrown in. Plus it really looks like he put alot of work into it.

Posted by Shiru 1st August, 2010

Nice interview !
Posted by Strife 1st August, 2010

"MMF2 is some kind of cool." Best description ever. And that live performance of one of the GunGirl 2 songs was really sweet. I had no idea that so much effort with RL instruments was put into the music for the game.

The trailers are also highly impressive, especially OMC's for Splotches. Looks really addicting! =D The Way Back also has a really magical, charming quality to it.

Also, MBK, are you referring to the player character in FableQuest? She's female.
Posted by Del Duio 1st August, 2010
Rated :

Yeah my favorite part is seeing the actual musicians playing the songs. I'm a bass player too so that part was great to me

CYS: All I have to record stuff with is CamStudio but I'm getting better with it.

Thank you, OMC! I'll make sure to tell Kaluroth you liked the Emoticondor because he came up with the idea.
Posted by Johnny Look 1st August, 2010
Rated :

awesome loved it !

del duio, you might want to use the camstudio codec. It's lossless which might generate huge files but you'll get a great framerate. I agree with cys, the game looked great but the framerate ruined it.
Posted by phanto 1st August, 2010
Rated :

Posted by ILIKESCIFI Games 2nd August, 2010

Daaamn! Good games approaching!!
Posted by TechVision 6th August, 2010

Thank you for using my game in the new VS. segment. I had no idea until now. And yes some great previews in there.
Posted by Xhunterko 14th August, 2010
Rated :

I thought I rated this. When's the next one then?
Posted by Marko 24th August, 2010
Rated :

Only just got round to watching this - what a great episode! I have to say, the length was no issue for me as it was packed with interesting stuff. I especially enjoyed the interviews with the GunGirl people (very intriguing!) and the new VS section has alot of potential (bit of a dodgy commentating though! lol ). BTW, i think a trophy for winning VS is in order!

Roll on the next episode!
Posted by Xhunterko 29th August, 2010
Rated :

You know, I just thought of how great it would be to be able to watch this on my nano.
Posted by OMC 11th September, 2010

Hmm, yea we need to get the podcast feed going again.



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