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KlikCast - Episode #19

Here we are again! A brand new Episode of the klikcast is here! We got lots of great stuff for you including:

- A great interview with Strife creator of the upcoming Fable Quest game!

- Chris street reviews the game Agent Bunnet

- A very special Click Convention Exclusive, see some of the faces from our community at the convention! Reporter Chris Street is on the scene!

- Carnivorous id brings us a brand new trailer of his latest game called Max Slade vs.the Zombies

- Rikus previews Chris Streets latest game called Mr Dentures 2

- And Matthew Wiese is back to give us his Quick look at Luor and also - he talks about the Click communty while playing the game! He needs your opinion on if he should do his own section in future episodes so be sure to listen and let us know what you think of his idea in the comments!

Oh and at some point there is a Dog in the episode to! Oh my! What the heck is going on! I hope you will all enjoy!

If you have watched the show, feel free to leave your comments below!

Comments and suggestions are more then welcome. If you have some news about your latest project and you want me to give you a call, just send me a dc-mail and we will set it up.

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Posted by The Chris Street 2nd October, 2010
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Posted by Strife 2nd October, 2010

I apologize in advance for all of my stuttering. But hey, that just means you got to see a little more gameplay footage. Big thank you to Rikus for interviewing me! It was fun!

As for Matthew Wiese having his own sections in the show... Only if he gets a script. ^_~

Max Slade vs. the Zombies bothers me for just one reason: The grapes have blood. Like, red blood. Shouldn't they bleed grape juice? O_o

OMG, Mr Stump's Dentures is back! It looks like it really smooths out the rough edges that were in the first one (especially with the paralax scrolling).

All in all, another fine episode.
Posted by OMC 2nd October, 2010
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Good stuff! FableQuest is still insane, and Mr. Stump's Dentures looks fun.

Matt, you ought to try recording the voice after the game footage.

I think Kisguri wins this episode.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 2nd October, 2010
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Very fun to watch as always Rikus! Another thing to put on my iPod for long fencing competition trips. I can watch these over and over so many times. ^^

Yeah, I do need to get a script. But I like the feel of "spur of the moment" gameplay commentary. But it doesn't work quite well when you're trying to discuss something.
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd October, 2010

FableQuest looks stunning.
Posted by Xhunterko 2nd October, 2010
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Oh good, there it is. Good show everyone!
(and yes mathew, scripts do wonders sometimes)
Posted by Johnny Look 2nd October, 2010
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awwww lovely dog

Yet another truly great klikcast episode !

Oh and mr.stumps dentures 2 (more widely known as the klik Duke Nukem Forever ) is back, awesome
Posted by phanto 3rd October, 2010
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FableQuest, most anticipated klik game EVER
Posted by ILIKESCIFI Games 3rd October, 2010
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Shhhhh....t fable quest is such a fantastic game!
Posted by Carnivorous id 3rd October, 2010

Great show Rikus! I like the game review and comments. I like the "spur of the moment commentary" by Matthew Wiese but a semi script would help. Maybe prepare some bullet points in advance.

The blood in Max Slade vs. the Zombies is red because with the characters being grapes the player is already detached from the horror of the game. I felt that the blood gave it more punch. The contrasts of the colors even works better for me. I even tried the realistic clear juice but it just looked like the characters spit all over themselves and died.

Comment edited by Carnivorous id on 10/3/2010
Posted by Disthron 6th October, 2010

Is there a way to view news items that are not on the main page?
Posted by The Chris Street 6th October, 2010
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Yeah, go to the News Archive box on the right hand side of the screen, on the main page It's just under the "What's New?" box. Very inconspicuous, I know
Posted by Marko 9th October, 2010
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Posted by OMC 12th October, 2010
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Well, that would have described it in the 90's. Now I believe it would be I-PIC.



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