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Author: Joshtek Submitted: 07 2003
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A cool multiplayer game, coming soon (track it's progress by visiting the forum).

Conquer is a game of teamwork. Teammates must distribute their money, base defences, vehicles and themselves in the most strategic way possible to hold back the opposition and take the enemy flag.

The game will feature a variety of buyable weapons, vehicles and defences. Money is earned for every kill, and if saved well can boost your team's chances of winning dramatically.
Players can engage war over huge terrains or small patches of land with built-in, downloaded or fully customised maps and can wield a wide variety of weapons including sniper rifles, rocket launchers, machine guns, timed mines and energy swords.

At first the game may seem slow, but as it progresses, it will get harder and more fun to defend your base and defeat the enemy

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