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New Preview: Shifter
News posted 5th February, 2002 by Rikus  

Addictive247 is working on what seems a very cool new game called Shifter. Here is some info about the game from there website: "Shifter" is a puzzle/arcade game where the player has to take control of an ever changing shape and guide it out of a multitude of mazes. That's not all though - Along the way there will be puzzles to solve, different environments to navigate through, potions and weapons to collect and a variety of enemies to fight. You can find more info and screenshots about this cool game at the website of Addictive247

Posted by Steve Wardale 5th February, 2002

That game looks qicked, nice and Christmassy like I like... can't wait for a demo or even the full thang.
Posted by Marc Georgeson 5th February, 2002

The screenshot shown is from the Snow & Ice levels that's why it looks Christmassy. The levels we have done so far are Pipes, Caves, Haunted House, Snow & Ice, Computers. Each level contains 3 sub levels and a bonus level. We hope to have 30+ levels when the game is complete!


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