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News posted 4th December, 2002 by Rikus  

Hey folks, well i guess this is going to be my last normal update, so i decided i make it a bit special. Let me start by saying i had a great time making all these sites for you, and while some people may think i'll be back in a couple of months sorry but that's not going to happen, sure i'll put up an update every once in a while to let you all know how i am doing but starting today this will be my last official update for this site. I started clicking when i was 14 in 1994 when the software was released here in the netherlands. I saw a review of the software in a games magazine and i was like oh yea this is for me. The software has not let me go out of its claws ever since then. Its been a great ride. From the Rikus Kras home page, to the ap-zone to the daily click, i love them all. As a special thank you for visiting the daily click, i uploaded almost all my old sites to the server. I kept them on a special cd-rom. All the html pages are there some pictures are missing but check it out, there is a lot of info there from the first generation of clicking to now. If anyone actually still remembers the "Reviewers Guild" Let me know:) I also uploaded the Daily Click 1. Enjoy taking a trip to the past and i hope the Daily Click will have a great future. I had a great time updating this site for you all almost every day and i hope you will continue to enjoy it in the future. Rikus

Posted by Muz 4th December, 2002

It's still hard to understand. Why are you leaving? I mean...why not just stay, but maybe just resign and be an 'average ex-kliker who hangs around klik sites/chans' or something? It feels kinda weird seeing the klik legends go...
Posted by TS Team 4th December, 2002

True, why not spend less time with clicking, and just come visit once in a while and still create games here and there.
Posted by The Chris Street 4th December, 2002

*sniffle* I take it then that you've abandoned your Locked 8 game? Anyhow, good luck.
Posted by Muz 4th December, 2002

No, I meant, why click at all? You can always just hang out with us. Most of the people around the community don't even seriously make games. Heck, those among us who do are shifting towards non-klik products. If you ask around, there are quite a few using RPG Maker, Adventure Game Studio, or Blitz Basic.
Posted by skn3 4th December, 2002

Back in the day, things were less "comercial". I am guessing it was easier being of klik fame back in the Time of Apzone. Now people demand more, give less, and have a much worse attitude, so thigns can get nasty pretty quick if you are at the top of the pyramid. Lets hope its just a fact of bordem from games making in general, rather than getting persauded to leave by other people.
Posted by Shen 4th December, 2002

You'll be back. They all are.
Posted by [HTS]HetH 4th December, 2002

Thanks for the great time we had with Daily Click for so long and all the luck to you for the future!
Posted by AndyUK 4th December, 2002

It really is a shame to see you leave. good luck mate.
Posted by DBack 4th December, 2002

See ya, good luck in the future. P.s. where's the DC from That one's the most special to me since it was the first klik community site I ever saw. here's a little trivia for you guys. There was a game there called "Black Triad Demo" there. What is its name today? Hint: The creator posted in this thread (plz dont tell lol.) and it's a very good game... Anyways, it's cool to see all these sites. Thanks
Posted by Rhys Davies 5th December, 2002

Thanks for giving me a place to come day to day, i'll be seeing ya round mate (unblock me please :) ) bye!
Posted by Death Reaper X 5th December, 2002

Good luck in whatever you do next!
Posted by Smeech 5th December, 2002

I'm just like rikus in the year started and the age started.. good times good times. It's been really nice knowing you these past years, rikus :)
Posted by OOOPPPs 5th December, 2002

u've done a great job wit DC over the years. Good luck with wateva u do in the future
Posted by DeadmanDines 5th December, 2002

Why exactly is it that you're leaving in the first place? Job offer? New work hours? Getting married? It'd make losing a great clicker like you that bit easier to bare if we knew why...
Posted by DanielRehn 5th December, 2002

Well I wish you good luck in the future Rikus!...
Posted by Joshtek 6th December, 2002

As one of the people who bought Locked, do you think your gonna re-release it on DC?
Posted by Broomie 6th December, 2002

i ain't heard from the joshtek in ages... oh and great luck in the the future Rikus! it won't feel the same without you mate. bye.
Posted by Proteus 6th December, 2002

goodbye and good luck from a stranger, Rikus.
Posted by Joshtek 8th December, 2002

Broomie: who are you again? To honour Rikus, maybe there could be a re-release to the "hi mr. ball" music ;)
Posted by Broomie 8th December, 2002

a complete stranger, i just noticed you ain't said anything for ages.
Posted by Joshtek 9th December, 2002

oh, I'm not a stranger, Iv been here for a while and reported some bugs - I remember AP-Zone and havnt really said much :)


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