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The Daily Click Christmas Competition 2002
News posted 10th December, 2002 by The Chris Street  
Shadowcaster has now uploaded the submission form, which means that you can now submit your entries for the competition!

Remember, your game will not be accepted if it's hosted on an un-reliable server, ie, Geocities, Angelfire, Brinkster, and so on. Please click HEREto read the full list of rules. If you believe your game has satisfied ALL the criteria, then you may submit it, under the Submit Your Game tab at the Competition page.

The final file size, when compressed, must be no more than 1.5MB. Anything significantly higher will result in disqualification. But as I said, all rules must qualify for your game to be accepted.

You have until 11.59pm on 18th December 2002 to get all your submissions in. Remember, one submission per person, no submissions of old games. After 18th, the competition will end, and you'll have to wait for myself, Shadowcaster and Eric Vaughn to rate the submissions as described on the Judging Guidelines page. Final results SHOULD be up on 24th December 2002, just in time for Christmas, but don't blame us if we're delayed for any reason.

Ok, that's my peice said. Now go submit that game!

Posted by -Oka- 10th December, 2002

Hey, I can host some games if you want ;)
Posted by -Oka- 10th December, 2002

...if you have your game on un-realiable server... dc-mail me if you're interested. :)
Posted by Nioreh 10th December, 2002

Hehe, game submitted... Fast reliable telia server in Sweden! Yey.. Like I host all my games.
Posted by Shen 12th December, 2002

I just started my game :P
Posted by The Chris Street 13th December, 2002

lol, youve had a month XDXD


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