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The Mr. Ball Song Remix
News posted 10th December, 2002 by The Chris Street  
In honour of Rikus' departure, and at the request of a certain someone, Rene has uploaded a nice new remix of The Mr Ball Song (the character in the Locked series). Oh God.

Click Here To Download The Song

Posted by Broomie 10th December, 2002

this is cool
Posted by Rik 10th December, 2002

not as good as the original...
Posted by Partack 10th December, 2002

lmao! wicked xD
Posted by colej_uk 10th December, 2002

Posted by Antonio Barra 10th December, 2002

Nice, but the original was better.
Posted by Partack 10th December, 2002

lmao! wicked xD
Posted by Eagle32123 10th December, 2002

Call me a lame idiot, but where can I find the Locked series?
Posted by Joshtek 10th December, 2002

you can't at the moment, you sued to have to payfor the game..then it went free to download..then it stopped being for download :(
Posted by Lucas 10th December, 2002

Posted by Lucas 10th December, 2002

and shadow caster even said he had it: ...then the following hour trying to find my old Locked 7 CD so I could take a screenshot to put with the news article :)... and he got the screen shot! Couldnt he submit it into the daily click? PLEASE?
Posted by ruffles 10th December, 2002

yes, i never played any locked game, neither eggit
Posted by ShadowCaster 10th December, 2002

I'll see if Rikus has any objections, but it's rather large so you'll prolly have yo wait until my download counter is reset before I have enough bandwidth. BTW the song and screenshot were from Locked 7, if you want any of the games before that, I'm not sure where you'll be able to find them. I'll ask Rikus about that also.
Posted by Joshtek 11th December, 2002

I have a installed copy of Locked 6 if I have permission to post it..its like a crude copy of Locked 7 ;)
Posted by Yikes 13th December, 2002

Not as good as the original, but still cool though!


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