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New Game: That night before
News posted 8th February, 2002 by Rikus  

Comments from Rikus: Ok folks we might have a new classic on our hands here!. That night before is a great new adventure game made by Scurvyliver. Its actually pretty funny to and has amazing graphics. I suggest you download this game right now. Comments from Author:  That Night Before is a modern day adventure, that follows 18 year-old Roy Haliway, as he awakens in a world of amnesia. Based around a Hitchcock style thriller, the game also uses a blend of comedy and rich story telling. Click here read some more info about this game

Posted by MasterM 8th February, 2002

This game looks great. Now I'll play it. The Adventure died BUT YEAH Adventuregames coming back thanks to the Click
Posted by thewreck 9th February, 2002

how do you get past the thing with the lever? i kinda figured out that the eyes in the wall behind and the note had something to do with each other, but never seem to get it right? any ideas? and BTW. the dow, put the lava lamp in front of it.
Posted by thewreck 9th February, 2002

ey sorry i made it, i got past it and finshed it,, it was hella nice =)
Posted by MasterM 9th February, 2002

This game was cool. I am looking forward the full version =)
Posted by Bart 9th February, 2002

Played it, loved it.
Posted by Zircon 9th February, 2002

I loved this game. Very funny. Weird story. Great graphics. It's such a shame it is not completed.. but very very very very very very very etc done.
Posted by 10th February, 2002

Great story and nice graphics! I found only 2 annoying bugs :1)many times when you click to go to the exit (the hand with finger showing the exit) IT stucks and u have to go back and come again until u get pass it! 2) Some times in the bar when u talk to people the paragraphs stays on the screen and u can't read the next paragraph.... Beside that A VERY NICE MADE GAME! Looking forward to the full version ! ?Soon on DC i hope =)?
Posted by Salvador Arias 10th February, 2002

Great Game. Graphics are really nice. Me & my brother-in-law have played this game non-stop untill we got to the damn rat! Can't figure out how to steal the cheese! Any help would be nice. thanks.
Posted by Scurvyliver 10th February, 2002

Hey Everyone! I really appreciate the comments and support! You people make developing games worthwhile! Cheers! Scurvyliver P.S If you need help with the game, feel free to download the walkthrough over at my site
Posted by C-Media 10th February, 2002

Hey Scurvyliver, That Night Before is the best klik game I have every played. Everyone, DOWNLOAD IT!
Posted by Salvador Arias 10th February, 2002

Thanks for the info scurvyliver, but we figured it out after a while. Like I said before, the game is great & the storyline is it's strongest point! That's very important in these days of klik games. I am hoping to play the full version someday...If you like adventure games, definitely play THIS one!


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