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Lander 3000
News posted 13th December, 2002 by The Chris Street  
Could this be the first gravity game to challenge Gravitorb 2's crown? Well, Lander 3000 seems to think so, created by Csar and one of his friends. It's based on that old classic Lunar Lander, see what you think of it. Comments from the Author: "This is a game based on the old game Lunar Lander. The steering is pretty good emulated in this game. You just have to play this game if you liked the old lander game. The game has 12 levels and you can save aswell."
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Posted by Yikes 13th December, 2002

Sorry, but it's not as good as gravitorb... Still fun though....
Posted by ~gamerz~ 5th August, 2004

Could you please help me out, I am new to, and I am currently using games factory. I was wondering could you tell me how to make a save feature because I am making a game wich requires one. Thank you


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