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Unamed Space Shooter
News posted 30th December, 2002 by The Chris Street  
joNick art has uploaded a shoot-em-up called Unamed Space Shooter, with the ultimate objective being to kill aliens and destroy meteors. Kerblammo indeed. Comments from the Author: "This is a new game with old eyes. It has classic 8 bit graphic, and the aim is to kill aliens and destroy meteors and then warp to the next zone to kill aliens and destroy meteors to warp to next zone to kill aliens and destroy meteors so you can warp to thee next zone, and when you have warped to the next zone this time, you will continue kill, destroy and warp until you die."
Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by bigdave 30th December, 2002

why is this front page news? This game is nothing special
Posted by The Chris Street 30th December, 2002

We cant leave the front page empty for weeks and weeks until a great game comes along o_O
Posted by DaveC 30th December, 2002

Posted by ShadowCaster 30th December, 2002

Unnamed has two n's 0_o
Posted by Gongashplei 31st December, 2002

But, it is named. Unamed must be the name of the ship or something. The front page thumbnail is a full image again, wasnt there a new upload scrpt or something?
Posted by The Chris Street 31st December, 2002

Shads, can we get the DC Compo results uploaded for New Years Day? Or even today? ;)


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