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News posted 1st January, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Well, we're sorry about the delays, but the results of the Daily Click Christmas Competition 2002 have been uploaded!

In Third Place: Christmas Shaft, created by Carl Lindqvist is based on an old game, and has Santa jumping from platform to platform down a mineshaft. Jumping on the blue ones adds to your health, jumping on the red ones subtracts from your health. A very addictive game, great stuff.

In Second Place: Junkmans entry "Santa's Quest" had the player, as Santa, killing all the bad guys in a Zelda-esque world. Personally I didn't think this was too hot, but it got there.

In First Place: ASHMAN and his Maniac Elf Beta. A high quality platform game which has you controlling an elf as he kills everything in sight. Loverly graphics and a great engine ensures that Ashman gets the award of 50 DC Points! Well done! A graphic will be made for Ashman in due time.

Thanks to everyone who entered, to see all the entries and what we thought of them, CLICK HERE!

Posted by Broomie 1st January, 2003

congratulations everyone
Posted by Nioreh 1st January, 2003

Finally an update! Yay, I placed third. Congrats to Ashman and Junkman.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st January, 2003

Blame Shadowcaster for your game placing, I rated it quite highly, mwa ha ha ha ha ha ;)
Posted by Razorshark Productions 1st January, 2003

Too bad there were not many submissions... Hmmm... Ashman did a very good job on his game, very nice graphics and use of colors...(BUT MINE HAD MUCH BETTER ANIMATIONS, MUAHAHAHAAAA)...:p Congatulations Lads, keep up the good work..8)
Posted by Shen 1st January, 2003

Well done to all the winners :)
Posted by Pioupiou 1st January, 2003

Congrats to all the winners. BTW it seems there is a Problem downloading the 2nd Game (the file semems corrupt).
Posted by Death Reaper X 1st January, 2003

Well done lads :)
Posted by Pete Nattress 1st January, 2003

joint last! rock on! :)
Posted by Simdrone052 1st January, 2003

Posted by FlooD 1st January, 2003

I don't think a beta version should have won this. It's very good but you only play it once
Posted by Nick of All Trades 1st January, 2003

at least we didn't come last... :)
Posted by kreature 1st January, 2003

The Manic Elf was just sweet, looking forward to the final version !
Posted by Ashman 1st January, 2003

LOL I have to finish it now! Thank you judges for your kindly voting! And thanks to all you gracious people who did not lose, just did not come first! :) Hmmm that seems nice enough! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY :)
Posted by Ashman 1st January, 2003

... Shut up chicken!
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 1st January, 2003

Good Job Ashman! And the all the others good job too!:D
Posted by Jason Orme 1st January, 2003

Do'h :( I wish Christmas Shaft would have won!
Posted by ChrisB 1st January, 2003

I should have won. Maybe it's because I didn't send an entry in... ah well. Manic Elf looks delightfully crazy and colourful! Starting a download now...
Posted by citizen[Ac] 1st January, 2003

christmas shaft would have been my choice for first.
Posted by Max 1st January, 2003

Wow, never thought I'd make it in second place! I even think that Christmas Shaft should have got a higher rank than my game. :) Congratulations Ashman, I hope that you'll finish your game! I want more than a single level of this to play, dag nammit!! :D Congrats to all others who submitted a game, too. :)
Posted by Muggus 1st January, 2003

Good stuff guys! And congratulations, again, Ash! You got away with it theny aye! hehe...does this mean you still have to win 2 GOTW's or does this count as one?...i mean this is better than a GOTW!!! deserve it...the game rocks!
Posted by Nick of All Trades 2nd January, 2003

at least we didn't come last... :)
Posted by Nioreh 2nd January, 2003

Thanks to the great comments on Christmas Shaft! Question to admins: Should I add the game as a download on the daily click also? Or will it automatically be in my profile?
Posted by kreature 2nd January, 2003

Santas' Quest was, to put it simple, not good, and I can't see how it made it to the second place.
Posted by Steve T. 2nd January, 2003

Dude, shut up. It has great original music and is fun to play. The graphics weren't that good, but the gameplay was a lot better than most non-compo games.
Posted by Seph 3rd January, 2003

Hmm... me got 5th pace. Good enuf 4 me ^_^
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 3rd January, 2003

:'(.I was making a game with Mistajaye and he hasnt been getting on lately at all.The game was almost done then my computer started screwing up and mistajaye had not been getting on.something ALWAYS(:'() stands in the way of me making games.Im so mad :'(.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 3rd January, 2003

Whats up with erics reviews.They all say AWOL.?
Posted by Death Reaper X 3rd January, 2003

Derek u can still finish and post anyway though :)
Posted by Shen 3rd January, 2003

he wasn't there :P
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 3rd January, 2003

The problem is is i dont have the game.Its on a different computer.I think i may be able to get it back.Thanks heh.I hope i can fin it someday tho.
Posted by Addicted Tzo PS2! 3rd January, 2003

Another Succesfull ChristmasCompo!!! ( Next year i'll start earlier!!!!! :P:D:P )
Posted by Death Reaper X 3rd January, 2003

Keep reaching for that rainbow Derek! :)
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 3rd January, 2003

LOL.Thanks X).


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