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News posted 12th January, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Just a quick post to inform you all that Andy H's new website Ovine By Design has been uploaded. It's a good site, well worthwhile visiting. And you can do just that by Clicking Here!

Posted by kreature 12th January, 2003

This is better that good; extremely GREAT site !
Posted by CYS 13th January, 2003

I thought that Andy Hull made this in the first place. :P
Posted by Andi Smith 13th January, 2003

This is Andy HEWITT
Posted by Andrew Mather 13th January, 2003

/me gets his handbag out
Posted by The Chris Street 13th January, 2003

Blame...HiredGun. Yes, thats right. HiredGun ;)
Posted by Addicted Tzo PS2! 14th January, 2003

Me agree with comment #1! :D You tha MAN!


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