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News posted 17th January, 2003 by The Chris Street  
FireMonkey (or Chris Branch, as some of you know him) has uploaded a very nice Tetris style puzzler. The twist? It's an online puzzler! Absolutely ingenious. It's called Quintris, by the way. It's great that klikkers are utilizing the MOO extention to full effect too. Comments from the Author: "Get those blocks in line! Where will this one go? Who shall I use this powerup on? This is Quintris, the multiplayer Tetris clone for up to 5 players. Clear rows, get powerups, defeat the others. If you don't fancy going solo there's a teamplay option. Hey - with 5 different modes of play, you'll shouldn't be bored. Nor should you be alone - the 'Find Games' option lets you search for games in progress or waiting for players. "
Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by canazza 17th January, 2003

hmm... good work, but i'd rather play tetrinet.


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