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News posted 17th January, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Just a quick post here. I have in the last few days been receiving continuous DC-Mails from various members of the Daily Click asking me to put their games on the front page. Please stop doing this, it gets very annoying for myself (although I cant speak for Shen, Muz or Shadowcaster) having to sift through such mails.

The Admins will decide what goes on the front page, and what makes the front page needs to have screenshots and a decent screenshot or so. All games will make it to the DC, unless there is something wrong with them. And some make the front page. If one of those is your game, then you should be happy. But don't feel dis-heartened if it doesn't. And PLEASE don't bug me with DC mails about it either, I do have other things to do. Thanks.

Posted by Broomie 17th January, 2003

don't you submit previews to the frontpage either, you said really high quality ones make it but the one I saw for Entrance Gate 2 had alot of detail.
Posted by Shen 17th January, 2003

If anyone asks me it goes to the bottom of my upload list :P
Posted by The Chris Street 17th January, 2003

We sometimes put previews on there, but its mainly games
Posted by Flava 17th January, 2003

Same Here :p
Posted by Pete Nattress 17th January, 2003

i don't think this is fair. some people might work hard on a game and never see it get the front page because the aminds are too busy. why don't you either: a) get more admins or b) have a list like your pending downloads list. if people think they're game deserves a front page mention, they say when they submit it, and it goes onto a seperate list for assessment. this is surely possible?
Posted by Addicted Tzo PS2! 17th January, 2003

Would not even Dare Circy!!! haha :D Don't even understand why people think that's the way to get there in the first plase!!! ???
Posted by Ashman 17th January, 2003

Posted by The Chris Street 17th January, 2003

Pete: Option B is actually a damn good idea :) I'll have a word with Shadowcaster. The only flaw I see with this is that people will say it deserves to be on the front page anyway.
Posted by ShadowCaster 17th January, 2003

Games are added to the main page if they have decent screenshots and a decent description. Like I said in my "Welcome" email to the adimins, place whichever games match this criteria on the main page AS SOON AS you accept them from the Pending list... dont just accept the game and wait for someone else to add it to the main page because it wont happen.
Posted by ShadowCaster 17th January, 2003

Like I said before: we get between 5-25 games a day. We're not going to play all of them.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 18th January, 2003

i think the admins have some different criteria for where to put games.. i think shen mostly skips putting them on main page then circy always put em on main page if they have screen shots
Posted by Shen 18th January, 2003

I put it in the frontpage if it has the 'wow factor'
Posted by axel 27th November, 2005

Wow! I shall now try to write stuff with smileys because noone will notice since this is an old post. Pwn and so on.

Posted by axel 27th November, 2005

Posted by axel 27th November, 2005

It did'nt work. I apoligise for wasting precious webspace.


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