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Preview: Pilot Boy & Private Girl
News posted 11th February, 2002 by Rikus  

ZeroTau is working on what seems a very cool game called: Pilot Boy and Private Girl. He tells us the game is about invading Aliens in Metal Slug style. Seems promising enough but the game wont be completed until later this year.

Posted by jast 11th February, 2002

Looks and sounds nice, but the link (pic) doesn't work:-(
Posted by Rikus 11th February, 2002

Posted by Pegwo 11th February, 2002

Heh,looks tight.
Posted by Aggressor 11th February, 2002

wohoo! nice
Posted by jast 11th February, 2002

Yeah, damn cool!
Posted by Canaryman 11th February, 2002

dammit that looks kick ass
Posted by HiredGun 12th February, 2002

Itl ooks good, but the title is...questionable, if not hilarious...and didn't ZeroTau supposedly leave the community?
Posted by skn3 12th February, 2002

Nice picture, But is this a game, or just a picture that inspired you to make a game which will never actualy be finished ;P
Posted by Zircon 12th February, 2002

Hmmmm the picture looks nice.. but how bout the game.. we want scr shots 2.


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