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News posted 20th February, 2003 by The Chris Street  
You may or may not have heard about a little game called Where's The ******* Dictionary!, created by StopGap. It's essentially an online game of Scrabble, which StopGap has meticulously spent hours of his life working on. And yes, it's made in MMF.

The ACoders crew all clubbed together to play the first ever online game of WTFD! and there seem to be a few bugs to iron out. But the game is now undergoing the beta testing stage, and hopefully will be released soon.

This game will revolutionise online klik games, and is one to keep your eyes out for, folks.

Click here to visit the Apocalyptic Coders website for more details!

Posted by MasterM 20th February, 2003

LOL you didn't write F*cking
Posted by The Chris Street 21st February, 2003

this game is awesome, ive just tried it out. It will win GOTW easily when its finished. Great fun!
Posted by Joshtek 22nd February, 2003

Yeah, just needs a bit of tweaking and it'll 0wn ;)


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