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New Presentation - Condensed Soda
News posted 18th March, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Nobuyuki has uploaded a kind of presentation package. Called Condensed Soda, it has a variety of special effects. WARNING: This game is a RAM eater! Comments from the Author: "Condensed Soda is my very first demoscene presentation made in MMF. This demo is done in 'oldschool' style to show some of the power MMF has in creating visual effects. This demo was entered into an effects competition over at TK and has yet to be judged, but when it is, the source will be available for everyone to see.

You'll need around 128mb of RAM and a fast computer to run this! Computers with lower amounts of memory for the video fx tend to crash in the last scene!"

Click here to download the presentation and read the comments

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