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New Preview - Milber 2
News posted 11th April, 2003 by The Chris Street  
We here at the DC don't often put previews on the front of the page. But I suddenly noticed that RhysD had put a preview of his upcoming game Milber 2 online. I've had the fortune to play this, it is a fantastic experience, and it uses the Furry engine. Comments from the Author: "You take control of legandary Milber of the Milberries, the same Milber that saved the race from the evil No Features Man all those years ago, the same Milber that battled fish and dragons. This time there is nothing to save, just something to find. Milber wants to find the origins of his people, where they originally came from, no history book so far has anything about his people, and because of a life threatening epidemic the race is slowly dying out. This is why he must travel long distances to find the history of his people, to place them in the history books before they are forgotten forever"

Click here to read the preview and its comments

Posted by Mitch M 12th April, 2003

Damn this is a game to look forward too! I also like the furry engine!! Just downloaded! I was wondering since DAMN CIRX played it alraidy, when the DEMO is comming??! Oh.. Wait.. Everybody likes my new TradeMark?!
Posted by The Chris Street 12th April, 2003

DONT do that again :S I cant delete that for some reason...the Delete link is gone!
Posted by ShadowCaster 12th April, 2003

I'll do it for you 8)
Posted by Mitch M 13th April, 2003

OK Sorry Guys! Diddn't know I must not! :(
Posted by RapidFlash 13th April, 2003

I haven't seen a preview on the front page since the old orange site.


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