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The Death Of Fergs Kliktime
News posted 19th April, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Heres some depressing news for you. Fergs Kliktime has died. Ferg and Jesse couldn't afford to keep the site online and had to end the contract. Fergs provided the community with a few laughs and some nice admins (hey, I'm an ex-admin XD).

None the less, this is depressing news for the community, as Fergs was fairly popular. Lets not hope this is the start of things to come.

Posted by Villy 19th April, 2003

Posted by Smeggy 19th April, 2003

This is getting depressing, First Chris 'dines' leaves kliking, and the community for good and now this - I hope this isnt a trend! - Could this be the begining of the end of Klik altogether... I hope not! XD
Posted by Mitch M 19th April, 2003

Don't you say those scary things :@ .. It'll be alright... Right???
Posted by JohnsProgram 19th April, 2003

bye bye vision software...
Posted by Smeggy 19th April, 2003

Well, a lot of people are thinking twice ya know...BUT there is one thing that can save the world of KLIK.... MMF2 :D
Posted by Silveraura 19th April, 2003

True, but only if its cheap enough for people to buy it, thats why, not many people are buying MMF Pro.
Posted by Muz 20th April, 2003

Hmm... I kinda foresaw the death of Ferg's quite a while ago. Jesse & Ferg just lacked public relations skills. Now if they had actually hired me as a PR guy... things might've been different. Or not.
Posted by Mark 20th April, 2003

well thats the nail in the Slim Chimp coffin lol
Posted by Broomie 20th April, 2003

Was it a painful death? Or did it die while sleeping? It's time like these when a man shouldn't cry. :'(
Posted by Broomie 20th April, 2003

Posted by Broomie 20th April, 2003

Posted by Broomie 20th April, 2003

Posted by Broomie 20th April, 2003

Ah Bollocks!!! XD
Posted by Mark 21st April, 2003

Joking aside i always loved Fergs site, proberbly more than TDC. Just lacked content in the last year or so of it's life. I'll expect my banning soon.
Posted by skatekid 29th April, 2003

how can it be gone if its still there?
Posted by Jetstar 6th December, 2003

lOl XD


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