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News posted 17th May, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Anders Jensen-Urstad has created a website which houses all those golden oldies from "back in the day". So if you wish to experience games from the era of Silky's and afterwards, then click HERE to view them.

Posted by Joshtek 18th May, 2003

w00t, all your classics are belong to Klik Archives...
Posted by Joshtek 18th May, 2003

hey, is this the old site which used to be on XOOM before it went bye bye? theres a game I can't quite remember which rocked, you played a dot and had to trap other dots or somethin, if only I knew its name :'-(
Posted by Anders Jensen-Urstad 18th May, 2003

No (that one only had external links to the games), but I do have a copy of it (thanks to linked on the page.


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