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News posted 31st May, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Down at The Games Page, the residents are marking a huge release! MasterRaichu has stated that his game Waldo 6 will be released there, at approximately 10pm EMT today (and since I'm GMT I have absolutely no idea when it's out). Today is christened "Waldo 6 Day".

Click here to visit the website (which uses Vitalize)

Posted by Rik 31st May, 2003

you're still on GMT circy? i think it's about time someone told you we're on british summer time now. :D
Posted by Assault Andy 31st May, 2003

OMG! Yeah! I love the "Find waldo" seiries. My favourite are number 3 and 5. LOL! They are so funny, "I smoke, and i'm a bear..... I'm smokey the bear!"
Posted by KNPMASTER 31st May, 2003

excuse me, but its "Smoken' The Bear". However, I am glad you like the find waldo games.
Posted by KNPMASTER 31st May, 2003

Also I just realized, it IS NOT MasterRaichu's game, he didnt make it, twas made for him, It is his birthday present. ME(KNPMASTER) and JD made Waldo 6.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 1st June, 2003

uh.. well.. that was like 15 seconds playing and 5 minutes weired junk :P some stuff pretty funny touh but.. eh... im sure gunner4 would be a better present next year ;)


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