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News posted 16th June, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Ok, I think it's time for a brief recap on how to use the Daily Click. There are so many people abusing the features that it has, and it's becoming extremely annoying, for the members, and for the admins, who have to sift through everything new that's submitted. Ok, lets begin.

  • Submitting Games
    When you submit games, please only submit A COUPLE or so. Somehow Shadowcasters "four games a day only" script has been removed, meaning that some of you have been taking advantage of this and posting about 30 odd games. Some of these games weren't even games. For example, there was a submission by a guy, and it basically had a picture of Homer Simpson, and it showed you how to draw Homer Simpson style eyes. DON'T DO IT! Jeez. And also, INCLUDE SCREENSHOTS, and a better description than "This is my old game, it is cr*p." If its cr*p, then don't submit it here.

  • Submitting Links
    I've had to go around deleting many irrelevant links. Links to Angelfire, Lycos, and the like, and URL re-directors. Please, only post a link if you have a website which is actually relevant to klikking. For example, your own site, which houses your games. NOT links to Hotmail.

  • Signing Up
    It also seems to me that many people just sign up for the hell of it. There are so many names in the DC database which aren't being used, and there was a new name today...called Anonymous. If you have a name like that, then you can expect it to be deleted.

  • Articles
    Make sure the articles actually are articles! We don't want 5 line rants at other people, or how we should respect newbies. The Articles section is here, so you can help others with your skills. How to use the Array Object, how to make a platform engine. All those kinds of articles are helpful to the community. Articles like "How to review games" are pretty much useless, as everyone has their own style of writing. Reviews should be detailed, and be at least three paragraphs

    You might guess that I am perhaps getting annoyed. However, it seems at the moment the Daily Click is one of the main community sites, and as such you should treat it with a bit of respect. It's essentially a service being provided to each and every one of you visitors, and always requires some common sense. Please, stop treating the DC like a garbage dump. Because if it continues, then it will become a garbage dump.

  • Posted by AsparagusTrevor 16th June, 2003

    I never cease to be amazed by some people's stupidity.
    Posted by canazza 16th June, 2003

    I agree. I wonder what it is that drives people to advertise, not only non-klik related sites, but really crap ones at that (angelfire, NEVER use it btw) and that guy who flooded with 30 games, i'm surprised the admins let it through, i thought they were meant to sift out really crap games...
    Posted by RapidFlash 16th June, 2003

    Add this to the "Are you new" section, CIRCY.
    Posted by Smeggy 16th June, 2003

    Posted by Shen 16th June, 2003

    Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 16th June, 2003

    Something to add to the Articles section: Make sure you know the difference between what should be a forum post and an article, or it'll be on the receiving end of an admin's DELETE button.
    Posted by Rik 17th June, 2003 to draw homer simpson eyes? but.. they are just 2 circles with a dot in each!! who needs teaching that?!?! :P
    Posted by Mr. Esch 21st June, 2003

    LOL it's more like "How to increase your DC rating without doing any hard work"


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