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New Game: Caveman Friend
News posted 17th June, 2003 by Rikus  
Caveman friend is a nice little tamagochi type game where you have to keep your very own little caveman happy, its fun to fool around with and it has great original graphics. Give it a try. Comments from the Author: A small tamagochi game based on Unga Bunga: try to keep your caveman happy, honorable, and well fed! Made by Kodex and Fussion apple. Click here to download the game and read the reviews

Posted by CYS 17th June, 2003

It's shouldn't be in the frontpage as it contains little info?
Posted by Rikus 17th June, 2003

Feeling alright there cys?:)
Posted by Mr. Esch 17th June, 2003

looks great
Posted by Sean M Adams 17th June, 2003

Thank you. I hope you like it because Kodex are going to bring out more game after the huge success of mercenary, winning game of the week, we are also doing mercenary 2. the link for the demo is


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