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New Game: Professor Fruit's Juicing Factory
News posted 19th June, 2003 by Rikus  
Luke Morgan made a very interesting game that came in the third place of the Natomic Color Compo. The game involves empty bottles and juice, yep you wont see any similar games like this any time soon, so check it out for some bottle action. Comments from the Author: It's another busy day at Professor Fruit's Juicing Factory. You have to fill 50 empty bottles with fruit juice. There are three types of fruit - make sure you match the colours with the bottles! If you fill the wrong bottles with the wrong fruit juice, you'll break the production line! Not only will this deduct 5 bottles from your bottle total, it'll also deduct 1 bottle from the factory total. If you manage to waste five bottles, you'll have to start all over again!  Click here to download the game and read the reviews

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