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New Abandonware - Bloodline
News posted 23rd June, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Paul The Incredibly Annoying Hobo has uploaded an abandonware game which he made with Klik and Play many aeons ago. It's called Bloodline, and in his words it's an action RPG.

Comments from the Hobo:
"This game was one of my last klik & play games, and is technically abandonware, since I never got further than this demo before switching to Grenade Tennis 2. On the plus side; it is fully playable all the way up to the first boss and, since it is klik & play, is open source. Feel free to take a peek at the events, if you think it might teach you anything. It's got a pretty good zelda-style sword system, and one or two other things that might be of interest to people. "

Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by The Chris Street 23rd June, 2003

Will do
Posted by Joe.H 23rd June, 2003

are you sure that is wise, o incredibly annoying one? you might not have a hand left.
Posted by Mitch M 26th June, 2003



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