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New Demo - Tops The Pig 3
News posted 26th June, 2003 by The Chris Street  
AndyUK has finally seen sense, and confirmed that he's working on Tops The Pig 3. He's released a two level demo, and I have to tell you, its great fun. I wouldn't normally add a game to the front page with no images, but this is definately worth downloading. It features a very good and virtually flawless engine. If it sounds like I'm kissing bottom, then download and find out why I like it so much. Great stuff!

Comments from the Author:
"This is a very early demo of my new game Tops 3. The demo consists of two levels. The main aim at the moment is to survive the levels. Level 1 isnt very difficult but it is fairly big and Level 2 see Tops falling and having to avoid bombs and boxes.

Click here to download the game and read its reviews

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