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Lets Party!
News posted 29th June, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Boy, you people are in for a treat. Your least favourite admin, me, (but also the shexiest) is going away for three weeks on a lovely holiday packed full of fun, sea, sand, booze...and whatever else ;). This means that you all have three weeks of freedom from the tyranny of Circy!

Of course, this also means that I won't be here to answer any DC mails, so to save you writing them, and to save me reading the inevitable plethora of DC mails requesting front page material and such (which still happens, dispite my previous rant) at the end of my holiday, send them to any other admin you so desire. Shadowcaster won't be around much the next week or so, so maybe you wouldnt want to send him mail.

Enjoy it while you can. For when I get back, the DC will return to its normal concentration camp style ways of running XD

Posted by Blackgaze 29th June, 2003

Posted by Muggus 29th June, 2003

Avagoodone for me would ya Circy! Plenty of booze and whatever order...and make sure some of the ladies are thrown into that equation eh! ;)
Posted by Hagar 29th June, 2003

Booze ladies and yet more booze, Pure bliss :-D
Posted by Mitch M 29th June, 2003

XD Wize wordz my friends, wize wordz indeed!
Posted by Chace 29th June, 2003

*Looks at above comments* This is why I don't visit here often.
Posted by Chace 29th June, 2003

Well, I'm not, in any way, offended by the comments. But just a little scared of Aku. I thought you bunch were going to put up a charity towards getting him some help? ;) P.S. Mindless fun, Aku. You understand. :)
Posted by Smeggy 29th June, 2003

Sod the booze, WE WANT CHICKS!! XD
Posted by ShadowCaster 29th June, 2003

I find it funny that most of the people commenting on booze and ladies are people under 15 who probably have never had a drink, nor seen a naked woman other than in pictures ;)
Posted by Buster 30th June, 2003

If muggus read that shadow he would probably turn in his grave. I heard that muggus started drinking when he was 5, and he has never actually drunk anything else but beer after he trired if the first time when he was 5. After 11 more years of drinking experience Muggus became world champion with a record breaking 16,000 beers in 30 seconds. At the young age of 16, Muggus started teaching his school mates how to drink when he finnally started his infamous "drinking school". Muggus was a star at his school, Students and even Teachers wore Muggus t-shirts and had Muggus school bags. By the age of 18 Muggus was still worlds best drinker, In fact Muggus was so experienced by then that if someone even just touched his beer (even by accident) he would punch them right in the mouth... Muggus was known world wide, His millions of fans wanted to get close to him, but were too scared they might accidently get too close to his beer and get their head smashed in. On Muggus's 19th birthday he bet his record of 20,000 beers in 1 second with a massive 62,000,000 beers in 1 second. But sadly he drank too much and exploded.
Posted by Death Reaper X 30th June, 2003

Posted by Mitch M 30th June, 2003

Ey, shadow! I was joking! :D What do you need booze for anyway? I prefer a coke!
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 30th June, 2003

Hehe.Did anything really happen to muggus though(i know not aobut the drinking thing lol)?If so thats nothing to be laughing at.
Posted by Matt Boothman 1st July, 2003

Cider for me please.
Posted by Matt Boothman 1st July, 2003

Although I'm only 14, I find cider to be instantly refreshing and I like the taste, rather than some idiots my age who'll drink anything as long as they get drunk.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 2nd July, 2003

Muggus is fine.. oh and Shadowcaster and Red Eye, for gods sake were just mucking around! BRING THE BOOZE!!!:P
Posted by Muggus 3rd July, 2003

Ah the good old days... And damn you Chris you blew my cover...the Yellow Dart is no more!
Posted by nev` 4th July, 2003

I can't help but blow up laughing.
Posted by The Chris Street 18th July, 2003

...Yes. Anyhow, I'm back.


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