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News posted 2nd July, 2003 by Rikus  

We won our very first award! Woohoo, clickteam had a neat compo a couple of weeks ago about what site would be the best click site, lots of people entered but the daily click came in first place, thanks clickteam for this wonderful award, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:) This also brings up another thing. I think it would be a really great idea to host our very own Best Click Site Award. Maybe even allow all the daily click members to vote for there favourite site to! This could be a really interesting compo.  If you think this is a good idea then let me know.

Posted by Luke Morgan 2nd July, 2003

Yes. This is a good idea. ;)
Posted by jast 2nd July, 2003

Sorry, but that whole website competition was very much a ridiculous farce. I mean, whoa, first place goes to the site with the closest connection to CT, second goes to one of their own moderators' sites and some random, ugly, bad to navigate through French sites becomes third - and wonderful sites like Icetek or Natomic don't get nothing. CT even had to delete the first topic because approximately 80 % of the people started telling them how bad their decisions were - and on other community sites, it's even worse. So congrats TDC... But that's not really that kind of award I would be very proud of. And no, I'm not jealous... I didn't enter a site.
Posted by Rikus 2nd July, 2003

But look at the graphic its all pretty and shiny {smilebig}
Posted by Assault Andy 2nd July, 2003

I don't think it would be a good idea if you included TDC. Because the people that are at this site, come here because they believe it is the best clicksite ;).
Posted by Rikus 2nd July, 2003

No of course TDC wont be included in our own compo:)
Posted by Blackgaze 2nd July, 2003

yeah!!!!!!! better than the rest! TDC THE BEST!!!!
Posted by CYS 2nd July, 2003

i agree that the idea is pretty good...
Posted by Mitch M 2nd July, 2003

Posted by nev` 2nd July, 2003

Maybe you could start moderating the submitted games so people aren't so bored? One of mine is in there, and now that it has been so long, people will never see it because there have been at least 10 games submitted since.
Posted by Smeggy 2nd July, 2003

Heh, if we did, my site would win ;)
Posted by ncsoftware 2nd July, 2003

Besides that I think the whole competition was a less brilliant idea, still I think TDC deserves the award, it serves the community best. The other 2 winners, well I don't see why they won, there are much better sites around! As for a new comp right here, bad idea....
Posted by ncsoftware 2nd July, 2003

With better sites, I don't mean mine at all, it's ok, but not great. I didn't even enter the competition, didn't see a point in it at all, waste of time and money for CT I think.
Posted by Luke Morgan 2nd July, 2003

You're very confident, Jon. :S I can't see your site listed anywhere.
Posted by Klikmaster 2nd July, 2003

I think DC is good 'cos there is something for everyone here. I think a compo is a good idea
Posted by Simon Colmer 2nd July, 2003

yeah, i like the idea of the comp, it would be good competition but would it be for the best downloads or layout or a community site? coz communities are too hard!
Posted by Smeggy 2nd July, 2003

Its not listed here, cause ppl don't visit the links, but heh if you want to go ahead:
Posted by ShadowCaster 2nd July, 2003

I think I should get the prizes because I entered DC to the competition in the first place ;) but Rikus has other ideas O__o
Posted by AndyUK 2nd July, 2003

well done! i think it would be a good idea as long as my website qualified.
Posted by danjo 2nd July, 2003

the whole competition thing is as good as a pat on your own back.. pretty shallow idea = pretty shallow results. stamp-> [PROVED] <-stamp
Posted by Rikus 3rd July, 2003

Yep rikus does have other idea's, i think clubsoft should get the prize since he coded the dc how it is today from scratch, but hey that's just my view on it.
Posted by Rikus 3rd July, 2003

Orrr give the price that clickteam gave us to the person that wins our award.
Posted by Bricnic 3rd July, 2003

Nah, you shouldn't hand on prizes. Imagine if you handed on a birthday present? It sorta shows that you don't want it, or you think it is crappy. But I guess it's a bit different with computer programs. You could just give a portion to your competition's winner.
Posted by Clubsoft 3rd July, 2003

I agrees with Rikus..... *cough* XD
Posted by ShadowCaster 3rd July, 2003

I have to fix all the bugs in Clubsofts scripts, though! ;)
Posted by ShadowCaster 3rd July, 2003

(Plus, I pay for the hosting 8))
Posted by Rikus 3rd July, 2003

Umm the donations pay for the hosting too. Still without club's efford's there would not be a new daily click at all... Maybe we should put a poll on the dc no who gets the great price?:)
Posted by Silveraura 3rd July, 2003

Naa, no offence ShadowCaster, but it is infact Rikuses site. KEEP THE PRIZE RIKUS, KEEP IT! X-D [LOL]
Posted by Silveraura 3rd July, 2003

Uh... What is the prize anyway? Is there even one? Did I miss something? Bla Bla, Bla Bla Bla Bla, I'll shut up now. *slaps face*
Posted by Silveraura 3rd July, 2003

Oh, & about the compo thing, I'm not to sure it would be the best idea out of all ideas. Now the MSN/Windows messager thing. That may be something I could get used to!X-D
Posted by Rubin Slater 5th July, 2003

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