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New Game: T E T R I S
News posted 4th July, 2003 by Rikus  
It might be Santa's second attempt at a game but wow it sure is a great attempt. T e T r I s is a very neat click game that follows the original very well. With some great coding and colorful graphics i think everyone should at least check this game out. I also believe that Santa will make some classic games in the future. Comments from the Author: This is my second atempt at making a click game but please dont let that put you off, This is a very early release being a bit of a newbie im not sure where i wanna take this game so im posting it here with the hope of some feedback about what to do next, what game modes to make etc.... The game its self works well, its colourful, easy to play and as far as i can tell its bug free (i bet i regret saying that hehe).... What can i say - its tetris. Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by Santa 4th July, 2003

Whoooohoooo lol front page, what the hell larf!! Don't know what to say :D hehe


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