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New Tool: DEC Password Tools
News posted 11th July, 2003 by Rikus  
Having problems deciding a great ultimate password well then this tool created by DEC Stuff might just be for you. Comments from the Author: DEC Password Tools is three quite useful tools for use in the aid of Creating, storing, and encrypting files and passwords. It includes a Password Profiler, which you can use to store and launch the websites or programs which use your stored passwords; Encryption/Decryption(done by Darky), and a random password Generator and online work checker. This is Version 1.0 Click here to download the tool and read its reviews

Posted by Pkeod 11th July, 2003

how do i know it doesnt secretly send each password i create?
Posted by DEC Stuff 12th July, 2003

LOL...hmmmm...Well, first of all; It doesn't.
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 14th July, 2003

A decent firewall would tell you if its transmitting data... You do have a firewall right?
Posted by axel 19th April, 2006

lol 1337


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