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New Game: Prototype X (beta 1.1)
News posted 17th July, 2003 by Rikus  
Muggus has just released his new game called: Prototype X filled with lots of levels and original graphics this is a game you should definitely check out. Comments from the Author: Shoot anything that shoots you. You have unlimited ammo, and if you die, you can restart the level. In most levels the key is to press a switch and move on. On the way you'll face enemies with progressively bigger guns, unless you play random custom games, where it's much more fun  I hope you enjoy it anyway. Tell me what you think, and what I could add to the new version. ...again...Note this version will no longer be continued... Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by Muggus 20th July, 2003

No thumbs yet? I'm dunno if i'm hot or not.


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