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New Game: Ballmaster 2: BattleBall
News posted 21st July, 2003 by Rikus  
Do you have the balls to play this great game? Ballmaster 2: BattleBall is a very fun game to play that everyone really should check out, great job steve! Comments from the Author: BattleBall is a one-on-one battle with gameplay similar to the Worms series but has different objectives. Features pretty good graphics. Knock your balls into the barrel to boost your points. You can screw your opponent up by knocking the Wicked Barrel (Its a yellow meany-top center screen). You can also battle a a$$-whoopin A.I., it is quite hard and makes intelligent moves. Don't go crazy if it beats you in a few rounds consecutively.  Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

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