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New Game: Krazooka
News posted 21st July, 2003 by Rikus  
So you want to be Columbo? Well then you might wanna try out this investigation demo called Krazooka made by Michael R. Comments from the Author: This is a cool investigation demo with many levels and lots of fun. Can you solve the mystery to this 'whodunnit'? There are about 20 levels in this demo and my friends gave it the thumbs up. I hope you like is as much as they do. ! Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Blackgaze 21st July, 2003

is it me or are you admins posting news on every game basiclly?
Posted by Rikus 21st July, 2003

And the problem to that would be?:) Not all the games get a spot on the front page, but yes most of them to, and why not most authors put much effort into there games so why not should they deserve some fame in the spotlight, we also put up games by request so if your game does not make it to the front page but you make a request there is a good chance your game will get a nice shiny spot here.
Posted by Bricnic 22nd July, 2003

Cool. Can I get Spider Shooter on the front?
Posted by Rikus 22nd July, 2003

Nicolas, sure, just give me a dc mail witht the link to the game:)


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