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Tribute to Bubbles
News posted 22nd July, 2003 by Rikus  
Some -sniffles- sad news today folks, the most unique fishie in the world died today of old age. Bubbles was not just a goldfish he .. or she was actually very smart, and active. He was also very photogenic as you can see on this picture taken a couple of months ago. So today lets give a moment for bubbles my unique fish you will be missed. Anyone who would like to pay tribute to bubbles can leave a comment right here. Thanks for reading:(

Posted by The Chris Street 22nd July, 2003

Hey Bubbles, I never actually met you or anything, but I understand that you must have meant a lot to Rikus for him to write this news post for you. You were, judging by your photo, a very attractive goldfish, and you were so thoughtless to greet Rikus as he came home from work by lying on your side, floating on the surface of your bowl. Still, whats done is done...and Rikus, was there REALLY any need for this post? :S
Posted by Muggus 22nd July, 2003

That's sad. :'( I had fish once, it died after 2 months and we had to flush in down the toilet! :(
Posted by Shen 22nd July, 2003

God bless.
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 22nd July, 2003

God bless :(
Posted by 22nd July, 2003

rest in peace:(
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 22nd July, 2003

I´m so sorry...I know how you feel! My mum died when i was 8 years old...and then, a year ago, my cute little cat died...How hard can things get?
Posted by Rikus 22nd July, 2003

Aww, thanks for all the nice posts guys makes me want to buy a new goldfish:) Sorry to hear about your mom Jonas, now that's real sad news:( I hope you are doing ok now.
Posted by Yikes 22nd July, 2003

Sad sad sad. The world is sad. My dog "Eiko" died about a year ago. That was sad too. We bought a new dog, and I think you should buy a new fish. :'(
Posted by Broomie 22nd July, 2003

My Dog Bruno died about 2 weeks ago, he was the cool dog in my avatar. Poor lil guy.
Posted by BJ Turner 22nd July, 2003

*wipes tear from eye* I-I f-feel *sniff* so s-sorry for y-you. As a matter of fact I'm so depressed that I'm going to commit suicide! *puts shotgun up to side of head* KA-BLAM!!! !%$#^@%&@%$*!!! I missed!!! But seriously I had a goldfish once. It died two weeks later. So I know how you feel. :(
Posted by UF Comtec 22nd July, 2003

Posted by Death Reaper X 22nd July, 2003

I'm sure he's in fishy heaven :)
Posted by Kris 22nd July, 2003

i've been there, it's down the toilet
Posted by Chedich 22nd July, 2003

I had a turtle but it ran away(and probably died like a day after.) ='( it was really sad, but then i got a new turtle=).
Posted by ChrisB 22nd July, 2003

I had a couple of fish. I killed them (accidentally) with an aromatherapy kit. If it's any consolation, the way that your Bubbles died was peaceful and dignified, even though she didn't leave the world smelling like blossom and ylang-ylang.
Posted by Sarthek 22nd July, 2003

I mock your grief with gusto.
Posted by Sarthek 22nd July, 2003

"may his fish soul eternally preside in.... fish heaven" Preside? Why should this latecomer get to rule over fish heaven?
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd July, 2003

I am sorry to anyone who has lost a parent though. But as for Bubbles...well, rest in peices. Lets hope Goldfish Heaven isn't visited by a pussy cat or anything.
Posted by Isaac 22nd July, 2003

Good luck, Bubbles- if you see my old murderous psycho-fish, Apache, make sure that you're on his good side! He was a nasty one. Condolences to Rikus, as well. There will never be another Bubbles.
Posted by Erwin Broekhuis 22nd July, 2003

[quote] had a turtle but it ran away(and probably died like a day after.) ='( it was really sad, but then i got a new turtle=).[/quote] I didn't know turtles are able to run.
Posted by SimdroneX² 22nd July, 2003

When I was little someone broke my ninja turtle action figures. I know what you must be going through.
Posted by Rikus 22nd July, 2003

:):) Well i think you all would be happy to know i am going to buy 2 new fishies tomorrow;) Lets hope they last as long just as bubbles -sniffels- did:) Sorry to hear about everyone else's losses to, and a special sorry to Simdrone for losing his ninja turtle action figure:(:)
Posted by Pkeod 22nd July, 2003

how sad... In other news! Try my fish catching game!
Posted by ChrisB 22nd July, 2003

"Scientists prove that 92% of Daily Click members are tactless"
Posted by Bryan Rodriguez 22nd July, 2003

My frog just died. And my dog died like a year ago. Sorry about the gold fish. But...Maybe if you use the same fish take the new fish will take on after your old one. Either that or be haunted by its ghost. lets hope not................................................ that would be so cool.
Posted by vortex2 22nd July, 2003

I had a gold fish that died in two days...... How was i supposed to know to change its water? Oh well..... (why do so many photos of fishbowls have plants? mine was only a rubber maid container.....) anyway.... Sorry about your loss :(.
Posted by Chris Hexter 22nd July, 2003

my sincere condolences
Posted by Smeggy 22nd July, 2003

awwwww, poor fishy wishy :'(
Posted by gatblast45 22nd July, 2003

that sux
Posted by Broomie 22nd July, 2003

"I had a turtle but it ran away" How the fuck did a turtle manage to run away without you catching 3 days later half way up the road??
Posted by DeadmanDines 22nd July, 2003

When my Guineapig died, I was heartbroken... well... sorry for a day or two anyway... I PRODDED HIM AND HE WAS STIFF!! STIFF I TELL YOU!! STIFF AS A DOORKNOB!! DEAD AS A DODO!! NOOOOO!! MY GUINEA PIIIIIIIIIIIG!!! Sorry, it...uhh.... just all came flooding back again there... heh.... *Emotionally Shattered Dines
Posted by Talvara 22nd July, 2003

well im sure he (or she) lived a full and happy life but it is a fact that its just time... and ehh vortex... even fish need oxigen plants make oxigen (do the math)
Posted by Joe.H 22nd July, 2003

bye bye special fishy Dines: get a grip on yourself *slaps dines*
Posted by ChrisB 22nd July, 2003

I had a hamster that died in November. I decided not to prod him, though, since I could see that he was pretty dead anyway. Ahh, he looked so peaceful... and... hamster-like... *sniff* (Yes I know I did not say this previously, but I didn't want to add to the grief(!) of pets dying. Oh well.)
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 22nd July, 2003

July 22nd will forever be a day of mourning at DC.
Posted by Plasticow 22nd July, 2003

I ate your fishes corpse.
Posted by DeadmanDines 22nd July, 2003

Posted by DEC Stuff 22nd July, 2003

My goldfish were alive for 4-1/2 years, (they both died on the same day). Then they flushed em before I woke up. I never got to say goodbye.
Posted by Joshtek 22nd July, 2003

pssst... get another fish ;)
Posted by Teh Keelor 22nd July, 2003

Sorry to hear about bubbles. Im an avid aquarist, but Im not too fond of goldfish (They cant be kept with too many other they pee and crap constantly.). Why dont you get a fishtank with several, more colorfull fishies? Dey pownz.
Posted by Silveraura 22nd July, 2003

He's in the big fishy tank in the sky! :-)
Posted by Removed From System 22nd July, 2003

Well To Bad For You Guys But I Had A Bad Loss. Our family had 2 birds they did it and had 7 eggs every year. So we had like 3 birds every year (Some eggs didnt make it) But we had to give away the birds to my cousins. After a while we heard that our cousins lost the birds (Flew away) It was my job to train the birds. Luckly One the birds got to be mine luckly he is still alive. Hes the greatest bird in the world(Cockatail - Thats the Kind) But then the 2 main birds we had to give away so they were sent some where, where they can do some stuff and have more eggs. But we lost alota birds. But atleast mine is still alive. Oh well theres a time for everything.
Posted by Gregor 23rd July, 2003

good bye fishy
Posted by Assault Andy 23rd July, 2003

RIP Bubbles, may your memories live in us forever. I think we should name this day, "Bubble's Day." -Andy
Posted by CYS 23rd July, 2003

bye...bubbles... My late goldfish will accompany you.
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd July, 2003

Why did you delete my obituary about Fred?
Posted by DeadmanDines 23rd July, 2003

How do you know Bubbles didn't delete it? (looks around nervously as freaky music begins to play)
Posted by Joshtek 23rd July, 2003

Dines: That reminds me of that SouthPark episod....
Posted by simon11 23rd July, 2003

he is dead ? would you have my fishes? mail me
Posted by Matto1991 23rd July, 2003

I once found a baby Blue Jay, (it had fallen out of it's nest and couldn't get back in) so we took it into our home. After about 2 weeks it died. :'( (I acidentaly squished it.:'(
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 24th July, 2003

My dog, Pogo, ate a poisonous fox bait recently and died a slow, painful death. I wasn't even there to do anything about it, and the worst thing is that my poor little sister had to watch him convulse and yelp in the world of pain that he was doomed to never escape. I feel your pain, brother! Rest in peace, Bubbles!
Posted by vortex2 24th July, 2003

Poor pogo. My first dog died becuase our nebors got tired of his barking and threw a rag full of bleach in his drinking water :(. They only had to spend alittle while in jail for "destruction of property". I tried to get them charged with murder 1 , but they didnt get it :(. We have a new better dog now (and a new house away from insane white trash nebors) His name is shadow :) and he is a mut, but he is my favorite non denomonational dog.


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