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News posted 23rd July, 2003 by Rikus  

Lots of things are going on in the community lately like this piece of news. Yes folks the click community now has its very own Click FM Online Radio station. The station is broadcasting every wednesday and thursday from 4-pm till 9-pm, so give it a go and please post your comments about it right here and let everyone  know what you think about this new addition to the click community. Click here to visit the click FM radio website

Posted by Pete Nattress 23rd July, 2003

novel idea... i may just give it a listen tonight.
Posted by Mitch M 23rd July, 2003

No way XD sweeeeet!!!!!
Posted by Cybermaze 23rd July, 2003

Hmm, I might listen too ... just to see what it is :D
Posted by RapidFlash 23rd July, 2003

Say, can you still download that radio show you used to have (k&p radio or something), Rikus?
Posted by Andreas Blixt 23rd July, 2003

Sean (ClickFM owner) says sorry but his server host is having difficulties and it cannot go live tonight.
Posted by Rikus 23rd July, 2003

Aww He would have gotten many listeners Maybe another date? :(:(
Posted by Cybermaze 23rd July, 2003

Well, many listeners? May depend on the stability. I connected to the station, but I was quite honestly disappointed. The station crashed after a few minutes. And after almost an hour of broadcasting the server was closed. Hmm...
Posted by Mr Saturn 23rd July, 2003

Sounds like they need a better host.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 23rd July, 2003

4-9 GMT? That must mean 10AM-3PM Eastern No,I missed it!


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