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New Game: Ballbloke 2 & Happy Birthday to Circy
News posted 25th July, 2003 by Rikus  
Chris Branch made a game for circy's mini compo to celebrate his birthday which was yesterday (Happy late Birthday Circy!)r Try it out and let us all know what you think. Also if you still want to wish Circy a happy birthday you can do it on the comments page of this news article. Comments from the Author: Ballbloke is a lovely chap who in a previous, human form, was a skydiver. The thing is, when you fall from a plane into a ball-making machine, it sorta changes you a bit. So now he's a ball. The second incarnation of the Ballbloke series features said ball travelling through his pixellated world, now filled with evil beings. He faces almost certain death... until you play the game and find out where he goes. Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by 25th July, 2003

Happy(late) Birthday Circy!
Posted by nev` 25th July, 2003

Happy birthday bro. Rikus, are you going to read your mail? :)
Posted by Bricnic 25th July, 2003

Happy Birthday Circy! Hip Hip.. HURRAY! Hip Hip.. HURRAY! Hip Hip........ HURRAYY!!!! Rikus gets a lot of mails, maybe you should allow him a bit of time! :D
Posted by ShadowCaster 25th July, 2003

Happy birthday Circy {celebrate}
Posted by BJ Turner 25th July, 2003

Happy Birthday, Circy!!! How old are you, anyway?
Posted by The Chris Street 25th July, 2003

I'm now 20. Yes kids, I'm scared too...
Posted by Kris 25th July, 2003

So, where are you spending your birthday?
Posted by The Chris Street 25th July, 2003 I had my birthday yesterday _ I went out to a club night before last, and last night to a beef eater, where my Dad was being a git and calling me "birthday boy" in front of the fit waitress..who came back with loads of balloons for I started sucking the helium out of them and singing "happy birthday to me" in a really cool voice XD
Posted by ChrisB 25th July, 2003

lol - but remember, kids, overexposure to helium can turn you slightly insane. Side-effects include: You feel a sudden urge to go to the Daily Click; you outline all of your sprites; you start getting bashed by people (and if you were already, it stops)
Posted by Joshtek 25th July, 2003

Merry Christmas!...wait...Happy Birthday!
Posted by Marine 1st September, 2003

Happy late B-day Circy!


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