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New Game: Penguin Power V2
News posted 1st August, 2003 by Rikus  
Second try and yes this time the download link is working;) Here it is folks a new version of the 2-player game: Penguin Power! Comments from the Author: Penguin Power is an arcade game that gives near to hours of fun for 2 players. The main aim of this game is to knock the other player off, using advenced objects & the classic ramming. Freeze the other player in many ways from shooting them with snowballs to watching a blow bomb blow up in there face! Flip players around in little circles & kick them down holes or completly out of the arena. Turn only object YOU want, or go with the classic 'death' match! Up to 15 diffrent arenas to test your skills on banging players around. Enjoy the fun of up to 7 types of objects & up to 9 objects. No penguin power match is exactly the same with the all new version 2.0! Click here to download the game and read its reviews

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