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New Game: Gustav : 72 Hours
News posted 5th August, 2003 by Rikus  
Gustav is a very cool mini game and with all the efford that went into this game its hard to believe it was completed in only 72 hours for a contest. Great job. Comments from the Author: You play as Gustav, a troubled mental patient escaping from the mental hospital that he has been locked in for 15 years. He only has a short amount of time to get out, before the hospital explodes. He must reach the top of the tower to escape. Fill up his power bar (in blue) by killing monsters quickly. When his power bar is filled up, time will be frozen for a short moment. Use this to your advantage to kill more enemies and escape the level with a larger time bonus. Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Pkeod 5th August, 2003

I'd like to know what the quality is of the other games in the contest.


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